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BBA subjects list and course curriculum of universities

The BBA program prepares students to lead, build and manage enterprises that create value for stakeholders in a dynamic and global economy. By encouraging independent thinking, self-assessment, and learning the curriculum provides students with the tools for success in their career paths. It also instills awareness of ethical issues and sensitivity towards society and the environment.

The BBA program consists of 140 credit hours. These credit hours represent general education foundation courses of (36 Ï 3) 108 credit hours, Departmental Course/Elective courses (8 Ï 3) 24 credit hours, Capstone Course of 1 credit hour, Foundation Course of 1 Credit Hour, Professional Development Course of 1 credit hour, and Internship of 3 credit hours.

FBA adopted four domains from on BNQF, World Economic Forum Skills Outlook 2022-25, corporate experts’ opinions, experienced academics, and alumni. Domairs are Fundamental, Social, Thinking & Personal.

The BBA program offers Departmental Course/Second Departmental Course/Minor concentrations in the following areas (13).

  • Accounting (ACT)
  • Business Analytics (BA)
  • Business Economics (BECO)
  • Finance (FIN)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (IED)
  • International Business (IB)
  • Investment Management (IM)
  • Management (MGT)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Marketing (MKT)
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM)
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM)

BBA Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements
CategoriesNo. of CoursesCredits
General Education Foundation (GEF) Courses23 × 2 = 6
ULAB Core Courses (UCC)33 x 3 = 9
Essential Skills4Non Credit
General Education (GED) Courses33 × 3 = 9
Major Core Courses203 × 20 = 60
Major Elective (Concentration) Courses63 × 6 = 18
Minor/Optional Courses53 × 5 = 15
Project / Internship13 × 1 = 3

BBA courses list

Pre-Uni Courses (based on admission test performance) [Non Credit]
Course CodeCourse Title
ELL0098Remedial English
MAT0099Remedial Math

BBA Major Courses

Major Core Courses [20 Courses = 60 Credits]
Course CodeCourse TitlePrerequisite
BUS1101Introduction to BusinessNone
BUS1201Business MathematicsRemedial Math (if applicable)
BUS1301Financial AccountingRemedial Math (if applicable)
BUS1302Micro EconomicsBusiness Mathematics
BUS2101Macro EconomicsMicro Economics
BUS2102Business StatisticsRemedial Math (if applicable)
BUS2103Principles of ManagementIntroduction to Business
BUS2201Quantitative Analysis for BusinessBusiness Statistics
BUS2202Business CommunicationRemedial English (if applicable)
BUS2203Legal Environment of BusinessIntroduction to Business
BUS2301Marketing ManagementNone
BUS2302Organizational BehaviorPrinciples of Management
BUS2303Financial ManagementFinancial Accounting
BUS3101Human Resource ManagementOrganizational Behavior
BUS3103International BusinessMacro Economics, Financial Accounting
BUS3104Managerial AccountingFinancial Accounting
BUS3201Research MethodologyQuantitative Analysis for Business
BUS3202Operations ManagementBusiness Mathematics, Business Statistics
BUS4999Strategic ManagementAll core courses

BBA subjects list and course curriculum

Major Elective (Concentration) Courses [6 Courses = 18 Credits]

BBA Accounting

TypeCourse CodeCourse Title
Compulsory BUS4111Cost Accounting
BUS4112Accounting Information System
BUS4113Intermediate Accounting I
BUS4114Intermediate Accounting II
Any Two fromBUS4121Assurance and Auditing
BUS4122Bank & Insurance Accounting
BUS4124International Financial Reporting Standards

BBA Finance

TypeCourse CodeCourse Title
Compulsory BUS4131Corporate Finance
BUS4132Financial Market and institutions
BUS4133Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
BUS4134International Financial Management
Any Two fromBUS4141Bank Management
BUS4142Project Finance
BUS4143Lease Finance
BUS4144Financial Derivatives
BUS4145Venture Capital Management

BBA Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management
TypeCourse CodeCourse Title
Compulsory BUS4151Managerial Skills Development
BUS4152Industrial and Employee Relations
BUS4153Human Resource Planning
BUS4154Training and Development
Any Two fromBUS4161Industrial Psychology
BUS4162Strategic Human Resource Management
BUS4163Change Management
BUS4164Compensation Management

BBA Marketing

TypeCourse CodeCourse Title
Compulsory BUS4171Consumer Behavior
BUS4172Service Marketing
BUS4173Integrated Marketing Communication
BUS4174Digital Marketing
Any Two fromBUS4181Strategic Marketing
BUS4182Marketing Research
BUS4183Brand Management
BUS4184Personal Selling & Sales Force Management
BUS4185Supply Chain Management

BBA Banking and Insurance

Banking and Insurance
TypeCourse CodeCourse Title
Compulsory BUS4191Banking and Insurance
BUS4192Banking Law
BUS4193Bank Management
BUS4194Insurance and Risk Management
Any Two fromBUS4196Financial Market and Institutions
BUS4197Banks’ Product Marketing
BUS4198Electronic Banking
BUS4199Merchant Banking
BUS4200Bank & Insurance Accounting
BUS4201Core Risk Management
BUS4202Rural Banking

BBA Economics

TypeCourse CodeCourse Title
Compulsory BUS4211International Trade Theory
BUS4212Development Economics
BUS4213Bangladesh Economy
BUS4214Environmental Economics
Any Two fromBUS4221Public Finance
BUS4223International Finance
BUS4224Mathematical Economics

BBA Management

TypeCourse CodeCourse Title
Compulsory BUS4230Production and Operations Management
BUS4232Project Appraisal and Management
BUS4233International Financial Management
Any Two fromBUS4234Bank Management
BUS4235Small Business Management
BUS4236Industrial Relations
BUS4237Insurance & Risk Management
BUS4238Total Quality Management
BUS4239Intercultural Aspects of Business
BUS4240Management Thought

BBA Entrepreneurship

TypeCourse CodeCourse Title
Compulsory BUS4245Venture Development
BUS4246Total Quality Management
BUS4247Small Business Management
BUS4248Project Appraisal & Management
Any Two fromBUS4249Business Plan Development
BUS4251Production Planning and Inventory Control
BUS4252Cases in Entrepreneurship
BUS4253Strategic Marketing

BBA Management Information System and e-Business

Management Information System and e-Business
TypeCourse CodeCourse Title
Compulsory BUS4260System Analysis and Design
BUS4261Applied Database Management
BUS4262Web Design and Management
BUS4263Object Oriented Programming
Any Two fromBUS4264Information Technology
BUS4265Technology fundamentals of Electronic Commerce
BUS4266Marketing on the Internet
BUS4267Personal Selling & Sales Force Management
BUS4268Management of Online Business
BUS4123Accounting Information System

BBA Minor in Business

Minor in Business (For other departments) [5 Courses = 15 Credits]
TypeCodeExisting Title
Compulsory BUS1101Introduction to Business
BUS2103Principles of Management
BUS2204Financial Accounting
Any One fromBUS2102Business Statistics
BUS1203Micro Economics
BUS2203Organizational Behavior
Any One fromBUS2104Marketing Management
BUS2201Legal Environment of Business
BUS3101Human Resource Management

Minor in Economics (To be offered by USB) [5 Courses = 15 Credits]

For BBA Major Students:
TypeCodeExisting Title
Compulsory BUS4211 / GED2148Theory International Trade / International Trade
BUS4212 / GED2143Development Economics / Economic Development and Social Change
BUS4214Environmental Economics
Any Two fromBUS4221Public Finance
BUS4227 / GED2145Global Political Economy
BUS4222 / GED2155Introduction to Public Policy / Introduction to Public Policy and Governance
BUS4225Health Economy
BUS4226History of Economic Thoughts
For MSJ/DEH/CSE/EEE Major Students:
TypeCodeExisting Title
Compulsory BUS1203Micro Economics*
BUS2101Macro Economics
BUS4211 / GED2148Theory International Trade / International Trade
Elective(Any Two)BUS4212 / GED2143Development Economics / Economic Development and Social Change
BUS4221Public Finance
BUS4227 / GED2145Global Political Economy
BUS4222 / GED2155Introduction to Public Policy / Introduction to Public Policy and Governance
BUS4214Environmental Economics
BUS4225Health Economy
BUS4226History of Economic Thoughts

*Will be waived if taken ‘Principles of Economics’ course

Term (4 months) wise 4-Year Course Distribution
  TermCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
Term 1BUS1101Introduction Business3
GEF1101Academic English I3
UCC1101Bangla Bhasha O Shahitya3
ESK1110Study Skills0
Term 2GEF1102Academic English II3
UCC1102Emergence of Independent Bangladesh3
BUS1201Business Mathematics3
ESK1111Healthy Life Skills0
Term 3BUS1301Financial Accounting3
BUS1302Micro Economics3
ESK1112Social Skills0
Term 4BUS2101Macro Economics3
BUS2102Business Statistics3
BUS2103Principles of Management3
GED Tier 1 Course (Arts and Humanities)3
ESK1113Professional Skills0
Term 5BUS2201Quantitative Analysis for Business3
BUS2202Business Communication3
BUS2203Legal Environment of Business3
GED Tier 2 Course (Social Sciences)3
Term 6BUS2301Marketing Management3
BUS2302Organizational Behavior3
BUS2303Financial Management3
GED Tier 3 Course (Natural Sciences)3
Term 7BUS3101Human Resource Management3
BUS3103International Business3
BUS3104Managerial Accounting3
Term 8BUS3201Research Methodology3
BUS3202Operations Management3
Major Elective-13
Term 9Major Elective-23
Major Elective-33
Term 10Major Elective – 43
Major Elective-53
Term 11Major Elective-63
BUS4999Strategic Management3
Term 12BUS4399/ BUS4398Project / Internship3
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